The Primary.Medical syphilis test kit detects if you have been exposed to the bacteria that causes syphilis.


Syphilis is a bacterial infection spread either through sexual contact or from a parent to a newborn during birth. This test kit detects syphilis spread through sexual contact in adults. Mineral County Health Department will follow up with anyone with a positive or abnormal result on this test, which will include additional testing before a provider can confirm a syphilis diagnosis. Treatment for syphilis includes antibiotics. The Mineral County Health Department will work with you to determine next steps if this test comes back positive.

What’s included in the cost of the test?

This test kit is provided free of charge through the Mineral County Health Department. There is no charge to you for shipping, test kit(s), or laboratory cost. If you need to see a provider based on the results of this test, you will be financially responsible for care and treatment. The Mineral County Health Department can connect you with programs that can assist you if you are not insured, or underinsured.

Who should order this test:

If any of the following are true for you, syphilis testing is recommended.

  • If you are sexually active
  • If you are pregnant, or there is a chance you may be pregnant
  • You’ve exchanged sex for drugs or money
  • You’ve been diagnosed with and/or treated for another sexually transmitted infection
  • You’ve been incarcerated

Ever been positive and treated for syphilis in the past?

This test kit is not recommended for anyone who has been diagnosed and treated with syphilis in the past, as the test kit will determine if you have ever been exposed to the bacteria in your lifetime. It cannot be used to monitor treatment for syphilis. Please contact your primary care provider for information on tests that can monitor treatment with you.


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